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Do you want more information about diaphragm valves or are you looking for a special diaphragm valve? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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Diaphragm valves for high purity

Diaphragm valves are particularly suitable for converting to high purity heavily contaminated, liquid and gaseous, inert and corrosive media, depending on the design. Like traditional control valves, diaphragm valves also have good control characteristics, in particular for minimising contamination in media.

(spring-free) Diaphragm valves for HP and UHP applications

Selfa's high-quality diaphragm valves are available in various configurations and versions for use in utility, including cleanroom, and equipment manufacturing. The SS316L valves have a polished internal surface finish to minimize the formation of particles. They are assembled and tested in a cleanroom environment.

control and configurations

Diaphragm valves are available with either manual or pneumatic control for high and low pressures. They can can be delivered in 2/3/4-port configurations with the associated weld joints, a double ring or face seal connections.

Membraam afsluiters

diafragma afsluiters aansluitingenEquipped with various end connections


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