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International supplier
International supplier

international supplier

Since 1952 Teesing is an international supplier for industrial applications, submicron technology and alternative energy in pneumatics, hydraulics, instrumentation and the transport of media. With offices in the Netherlands, the USA, China, and Taiwan, we are globally active in several high niche markets.

Our mission is to offer high-quality connectivity solutions for all industries by providing value-added services such as flexibility, engineering field support and  technical advice.

Systems & engineering
Systems & Engineering

Systems & Engineering

Efficient and effective engineering with minimal costs

Teesing has its own engineering department which can develop parts and assemblies in consultation with its customers. Some applications require parts that are not available in the standard product range. In such cases, Teesing designs, develops and manufactures customised parts in small or large quantities on demand.

"Combinations can be made between existing products as well as custom solutions to create the assembly in an efficient and cost effective manner".
-Mark van Bronswijk, Head of Teesing Systems & Engineering.

Cleanroom solutions
Cleanroom oplossingen

cleanroom solutions

Teesing can deliver its products and assemblies clean and double-packed according to client specific requirements. A number of leanlifts have been conditioned and are overpressured; (assembled) products are stored here for our clients in the semiconductor and mechatronics industries.

Together with its partners, Teesing can handle anything from a few samples for prototypes to complete assemblies for volume production.

Assembly & Testing
Assembleren en testen

assembly & Testing

Save time and mistakes made during mounting assemblies. Teesing has the materials, machinery and know-how to create assemblies for its customers which. The wide range of products in stock allows Teesing to engineer and produce assemblies efficiently.

Teesing has the facilities to test products after assembling. Besides technical inspections, products can be leak-tested over 20 bar using air or over 40 bar using demineralised water.

Application advice
Applicatie advies

Application and product advice

Every application is unique and requires the right materials and products, our Sales Engineers can provide appropriate solutions in various markets and applications.
Our Sales Engineers can also advise on how to integrate the products or assemblies in existing machinery.

Its wide range of products allows Teesing to offer appropriate solutions for a variety of market requirements. Teesing’s Sales Engineers efficiently use and combine these products to find solutions which meet the customer’s requirements.


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