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SERTO offers a wide standard program of PVDF fittings and valves, available in different types. In addition there is a supplementary range of PVDF tubes and hoses, accessories and tools. The Serto PVDF fittings are uniquely designed for ease of installation and dismounting. The connections withstands pressures up to 10 bar and temperature range extends from -40° C to + 100° C.

Teesing have been supplying Serto fittings for more than 50 years. Please contact our Sales Engineers for advice in your application. 

Serto PVDF Advantages

Serto PVDF is characterised by a very high resistance to chemicals and UV radiation ans is self-extinguishing. Regarding its mechanical properties, PVDF provides high strength and rigidity, good gliding, lighter in weight than metal unions, and abrasion resistance.

PVDF clearly leads the way for ease of fabrication, translating immediately into lower costs and shorter lead times. It can be molded and fabricated into a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles.

Radial mounting of Serto PVDF fittings

Serto's radial dis(mounting) of pvdf fittings is unique! Which could save up to 40% of the time spend while assembling or during maintenance. The hose or tube connections can be assembled radially without the tube or hose being modified or bent. When the nut is being rotated, the clamp gets deformed and closely clamped to the tube or the hose, without causing any damage.

On the right side you'll find two video's of Serto Plastic unions installation video and Remounting a Serto PVDF fitting

Or download the manual for more information about mounting serto pvdf fittings.

Serto PVDF - Pre-assembly manual
Serto PVDF - Technical information



Serto PVDF applications

PVDF is a reliable material due to its excellent resistance to nearly all aggressive media, which makes it suitable for a great number of industries, for example in the Food industry (FDA approved), (petro) chemical industry, watertreatment, semicon, HVDC and the medical industry. PVDF also offer superior performance in ultrapure water (UPW) applications because plastic pvdf is chemically inert, so immune to corrosion. For applications with limited space, Serto PVDF gives great benefits due to the radial mounting and pre-assembly possibility.

Read one of our customer stories about Serto PVDF


HVDC pvdf applicationHVDC - Serto PVDF application

Serto PVDF Fittings product overview

Click on one of the product images below to download the related PDF from the serto PVDF catalogue

Compression ferrule PVDF SO 20001
PVDF Compression ferrule

Serto PVDF plug SO 20002

Serto PVDf knurled nut SO 20020
PVDF Knurled nut

Female adaptor Serto SO 20030
PVDF Female adaptor

PVDF hoze nozzle SO 20503
PVDF Hoze nozzle

PVDF Straight union SO 21021
PVDF Straight fitting

Serto Male adaptor union PVDF SO 21121
PVDF Male adaptor fitting

Female adaptor union pvdf SO 21221
PVDF Female adaptor fitting

PVDF tube stubSO 21300
PVDF Tube stub

Serto PVDF panel mount union SO 21521
PVDF Panel mount fitting

Serto PVDF adjustable male adaptorSO 20600
PVDF Adjustable male adaptor

Reduced union PVDF  SO 21821
PVDF Reduced fitting

Serto PVDF elbow union SO 22021
PVDF Elbow fitting

PVDF elbow union SO 22221
PVDF Elbow fitting

Serto Male adapter elbow union SO 22421
Male adaptor elbow PVDF fitting

Pvdf adjustable elbow union SO 22621
Adjustable elbow PVDF fitting

Serto PVDF Panel Mount elbow union SO 22721
PVDF Panel mount elbow fitting

PVDF Tee union SO 23021
PVDF Tee fitting

Serto PVDF tee union SO 23221
PVDF Tee fitting

Adjustable PVDF tee union SO 23621
Adjustable PVDF tee fitting

Serto Male adapter pvdf tee union SO 23721
Male adaptor PVDF tee fitting


Click on one of the product images below to download the related PDF from the serto PVDF valves catalogue.
Or click here to download the whole pvdf valves overview

Serto PVDF Regulating valve with female thread SO NV 21A00
PVDF Regulating valve with female thread

Serto PVDF Regulating valve SO NV 21A21
PVDF Regulating valve

Serto PVDF Elbow regulating valve SO NV 21A21E
PVDF Elbow regulating valve

Serto PVDF elbow regulating valve with male thread SO NV 21A21EB
PVDF Elbow regulating valve with male thead

Serto PVDF adjustable elbow regulating valve SO  NV 21A21EL
PVDF Adjustable elbow regulating valve

Serto PVDF Taper seat non-return valve SO CV 23A21
PVDF Taper seat non-return valve

Serto PVDF stopcock with female thread SO PV 21B00
PVDF Stopcock with female thread

Serto PVDF stopcock SO PV 21B21
PVDF stopcock

Serto PVDF elbow regulating valveSO NV 31A21E
PVDF Elbow regulating valve

Serto PVDF elbow regulating valve with male adaptor thread SO NV 31A21EB
PVDF Elbow regulating valve with male adaptor thread



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