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Serto shut-off (stopcock) valves

A stopcock (or shut-off) valve is a form of ball valve used to control (on-off) the flow of liquids and gases for simple low-pressure on-off applications. When the handle points in the same direction as the flow, the stopcock is open. When the handle is perpendicular to the flow direction, the valve is closed.

specifications of PVDF stopcocks

Working pressure: 10 bar
Temperature: -20°C to +100°C
Safety factor: 1.5 times

The PVDF stopcock valves are constructed from PVDF and widely used in the medical sector, cleanrooms and for aggresive mediums in laboratory use.

Specifications of brass (total-flow) stopcocks

Working pressure: 10 bar
Temperature: +80°C
Suitable for: Air, oils and water

Brass total-flow cocks have a large bore. The flow is neither throttled nor diverted. Flow resistance is therefore insignificant. The handle indicates clearly and logically the open or closed setting. The bore is sealed off with a special bush. In oil heating systems this cock is popular as a firefighting accessory.

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Serto afsluitkraan doorsnede