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Imagine a leap forward

Cleaner and purer. That is what the semiconductor industry wants. For cleaner processes, greater efficiency, higher quality products. Imagine being able to filter particles 50% smaller than you are doing now. You can, with the new ultra high purity gas filters POU-05 and FXP331. Both filter particles to an incredible 0.0015 µm.

A technological advance of note and a real step forward for the semiconductor industry.

Durable and long-lasting

When UHP filters are exposed to high pressure, their integrity must not be compromised. Or their filtering capacity will be reduced. Both the POU-05 and the FXP331 are made of sintered metal fiber. This is stronger than both Teflon and ceramic. The distribution and size of the pores within the filters is such that a uniform flow is ensured. This means less pressure loss and optimal pressure within your system.

Effective and resistant

The one thing that has not changed in this generation of Mott filters is their effectiveness. Their rate of 99.99999% filtration comes very close to perfection. You have a choice between a filter that can be used with non-corrosive gases, the POU-05, or corrosive gases, the FXP331. This means suitable filtration of any gaseous medium.

Filter configurations

One of the most striking illustrations of the difference in configuration between older filters and the new is the magnified images below.

Sintered Powder metal exampleSintered powder metal

Sintered fiber metal exmapleSintered fiber metal

MOTT Fiber filter FXPPOU Fiber filter