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The need for cleaner gases is increasing in the high tech industry. Clean gases are essential for maximum efficiency of various processes in the chip and semiconductor market. Often gases such as CDA (Clean Dry Air), CO2 and hydrogen are purified to a significantly increased downstream quality. The gas ultimately contains very little pollution < 0.1 ppb (parts per billion) and has a pure quality of 99.9999999% (9N).

High throughput capacity

The need for increased capacity is also increasing, as more and more applications need to be supplied with clean gases or "air" at the same time. In recent years, Teesing has installed several bulk purifier systems that can deliver a capacity between 400 and 1200m3/hour, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week depending on the gas. Higher capacity systems are of course also available. All these systems are customer specific, depending on the desired quality, capacity and optional features such as sample capabilities for gas chromatography.

Backup systems

In order to guarantee even more consistent quality and reliability, these systems can be equipped with a backup system with its own PLC. In total there are 3 purifier vessels in these purifier systems, 1 purifier is operational, 1 purifier regenerates and 1 purifier is on standby. The chance that the process stops due to malfunctions is therefore minimal.

Point-of-use purifier systems

Besides the bulk purifiers for utility applications, Teesing also supplies purifiers for POU (point of use) use. These purifiers are compact and flexible in applications such as wafer production, solar cell production, the manufacture of lamps or glove boxes. Also the so-called heated getters for the mainly removal of light hydrocarbons (e.g. CH4) in Argon, Helium or Hydrogen are available for high flows.

Applications where clean gases are essential:

  • LED device manufacturing
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) epitaxy
  • Crystal growth
  • Photovoltaic production
  • III/V and II/VI MOCVD processes
  • Polysilicon manufacturing
  • Silicon & compound semi
  • Fuel cells

All purifiers can be extensively adapted to the wishes of the end user in order to produce the desired quality and purity of the gas. For more information please contact one of our specialists.

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