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We are excited to announce the new sensor head to measure particulate matter (PM) PM10 and PM2.5, for the Series 200, 300 and 500 portable handheld monitors!

Since the introduction of the handheld monitor 15 years ago, it was only available to measure various gaseous and environmental conditions. With the new particulate matter sensor head it is available to measure PM10 and PM2.5 with the same handheld monitors now!

How does it work?
Simply plug-in the new sensor head in your handheld monitor, without any configuration or calibration required! The changeover takes seconds until the monitor will start measuring.

Don't have a handheld monitor base yet?
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Why use a handheld particulate sensor?

The particulate sensor head is designed to quickly access particulate pollution (PM10 and PM2.5) data at any given time and location. The measured data is real-time displayed on the display in micrograms per cubic meter (mg/m3).

Typical applications for the handheld particulate matter monitor are:

  • Ambient (outdoor) air quality surveys
  • Checking pollution “hotspots”
  • Validating air quality models
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Short term fixed monitoring

Particulate matter measurement

The PM sensor head uses a laser and an optical sensor to measure light scattering from particles passing through the laser beam. The optical sensor, in this case PM2.5 and PM10, transforms scattered light into electrical signals which are processed to provide mass measurements.

A built-in fan ensures a stable and precise flow of sample air to the sensor. The sensor head also compensates for humidity by an on-board humidity sensor. 

With the series 500 monitor base the measurements will be stored on the device, which can be downloaded to a computer via USB to be analyzed in the Series 500 software later.


PFA slang in CO2 sensor kop
Active fan sampling ensures highest possible accuracy
Particulate Matter sensor head. Measure PM10 and PM2.5 simultaneously
Plug-and-play interchangeable sensor head
Real-time LCD digital display
Reading functions: Instant, minimum, maximum and average
Monitor fits comfortably in the hand
Automatic humidity compensation
Download data direct to PC via USB (Free PC software included)


interchangeable sensor heads

The PM sensor is compatible with the existing handheld monitors (Series 200, 300 and 500), a full range of gas sensors can be used with the same monitor.

Changing the sensor heads is a matter of seconds, simply plug-out the PM sensor and plug-in another sensor without configuration or calibration required!


Particulate matter sensor specifications:

 Sensor Code  PM
 Range  0.001 to 1.000 mg /m3
 Measurement Parameters  PM2.5 and PM10
 Sensor Type  Laser particle counter
 Minimum Detection Limit  0.001 mg/m3
 Accuracy of Factory Calibration  ± (0.002 mg/m3  + 15 % of reading)
 Resolution  0.001 mg/3
 Response Time  5 Seconds
 Temp  0 to 40°C
 Relative Humidity  0 to 90% non-condensating


PFA slang in CO2 sensor kop


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