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Back in our range!

In cooperation with our American partner, we have the hardened nipple back again in our range. The nipples, which are available in sizes 3/8 "female & ½" female version, are made of 316 stainless steel with a special treatment had.


Where large pressure differences occur, the bullets of the coupling, wear out faster. Our nipples have a better performance through the treatment which has less risk of wearing out. Besides that the clearance in the seal between the nipple and coupler is minimized.

The nipple fits the couplings like Dixon 3VBF3-SS-E (3/8 ") 4VBF4-SS-E, Snap-Tite SPHC6-6RP (3/8") SPHC8-8RP (1/2"),

We have them on stock right now!

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Hardened valve nipple SS316

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