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Cheaper and more accurate OZONE SENSORS

Our ozone sensors and monitoring systems are used in a wide range of ozone monitoring and control applications. The gas sensitive semiconductor technology allows ppb-level detection with high accuracy and stability at a fraction of the cost of analysis-based instruments. The ozone sensors are available in 0-0.5 ppm0-0.15 ppm and 0-0.05 ppm ranges. All use Aeroqual’s proprietary gas-sensitive semiconductor (GSS) sensors which have dynamic baseline adjustment to reduce sensor drift. The logged value updates every 4 seconds making it an excellent solution for leak detection and health-and-safety monitoring.

Modular monitoring

The fixed and handheld monitors are compatible with various other gas sensors, which can be connected with a plug-and-play system.
Click here to download a PDF of the available sensors.

The danger of high ozone levels

Ozone is applied on a large scale in water treatment applications due to its significant disinfection and purification abilities. Ozone is a cost-effective solution which reduces the use of energy, water, utilities and chemicals. Ozone can, however, also cause injuries when a high concentration of ozone is evaporated, as it is a dangerous gas for people and animals. That is why it is important to check and monitor ozone in water treatment applications with realtime measurements.


An ozone monitor is needed for safety as well as leak detection. Realtime measurements with a high accuracy and resolution are required in these type of applications as direct action is required when there is an unsafe situation for people or when there is a leak. Fixed ozone monitors can be configured to direct and monitor external devices such as ozone generators, or to send email or sms alerts when an ozone concentration limit has been exceeded.

Fixed ozone monitors

Fixed ozone monitors are designed for a wide range of indoor and outdoor ozone applications. Multiple monitors are available depending on the application. Contact our Sales Engineers for more information!

Typical applications are 

  • Leak detection
  • Checking external devices e.g., ozone generators
  • Monitoring industrial processes
  • Health and environment checks




Handheld ozone monitors are designed for easy and precise ozone measurement and control. Handheld monitors have a plug-and-play sensor on top for measuring multiple gases if neccessary. 

Typical applications are

  • Health and safety monitoring
  • Source and leak detection
  • Process control
  • Indoor air quality

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PVDF VS stainless steel components

Stainless steel has a large following in industries. However for many applications PVDFcan be the best solution at a lower cost and shorter delivery time. For watertreatment applications specifically PVDF performs as well or better than stainless steel.



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