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Schematische weergave van de series 500 co2 monitor



XCDA (extreme clean dry air) is an extremely clean air type that is widely used in high-tech industries. UHP Purifiers or UHP gas filters are used to purify the gas or convert lower quality gas into pure quality. Pure XCDA gas increases the yield, consistency and quality of the final product.

In the application, it is presumably CO2 contamination in the XCDA gas for which a CO2 measurement is made. Based on the measurement results there is an evaluation made whether the XCDA gas meets the requirements of the application or that measures must be taken to improve the quality.

To perform this measurement as efficiently as possible there is a need for a mobile gas solution that can measure CO2 pollution in the supply line of the XCDA gas.

CO2 measurement

To measure the CO2 concentrations in the XCDA, a Series 500 handheld monitor has been deployed with a CO2 0 - 2000 PPM sensor. The gas is guided from the supply via a plastic hose to the monitor.

A virtually unique solution for gas measurement because the Series 500 is designed for gas measurements in the shared room where a pump circulates the outside air through the sensor head by approximately 0.5 SLMP. In this application, a plastic hose is connected directly to the sensor head and via a bypass in the supply of the XCDA gas. To ensure the accuracy of the measurement data, a M4.1 diaphragm valve and a SIR100 UHP pressure regulator are used in the bypass to reduce the pressure to 0.3-0.7 SLPM.


PFA slang in CO2 sensor kop 

Series 500 handheld monitor met koffer 

Series 500 gas monitor

The series 500 gas monitor has been selected because of the realtime data logging function. Via the software supplied, the data can be remotely read and stored in the monitor (up to 8,188 records) and through the online software. In addition, the monitor is mobile and can be installed without any on-site installation, and if requested in industrial housing.

The Series 500 monitor uses sensor heads that can be exchanged via a plug-and-play system. As a result, there is a minimal downtime during possible switching between CO2 or other gas sensors.



The Series 500 is compatible with different gas sensor heads. Download the overview!


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